Unleash Space

A place where anybody can create what they imagine, design for today and prototype for tomorrow.

You’ll find a vibrant, welcoming space with the tools, support and inspiration to unleash your potential.

The Unleash Space is your space for creating, playing, making, inventing, experimenting and doing at the University of Auckland. It’s where you can find and build your community. Together or individually, you can build things, come up with ideas and develop them, prototype, test and have fun doing so in a welcoming collaborative environment.

For the makers, creators, builders, fabricators and designers there are 3D printers, laser cutters, routers, electronics, vacuum formers, sewing machines, craft and art supplies and other tools and machinery. For those desiring or pursuing the path of innovation and entrepreneurship there will be workshops, meeting spaces, brainstorming spaces, experts and inspiration to work on your projects and ventures.

Open and free for all University of Auckland students or staff members, Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm. We are located in Building 402, 20 Symonds Street (the former Engineering Library, corner of Symonds Street and Grafton Rd, spot the orange banners).

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How can I use the Create and Maker Space?


Become a member

If you wish to use the Create and Maker Space, you need to become a member, which involves a very simple and quick, 3 step process, focused on our Code of Conduct and health and safety standards.

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Equipment training

Some of the equipment also involves training prior to independent use.

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Create and make workshops

If you are unsure about any of the technology above and how you may use it, come along to one of our fun entry-level workshops to get inspired and develop new skills.

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