The Unleash Space is for all students and staff at the University of Auckland.

The Unleash Space is for all students and staff at the University of Auckland. You do not need to become a member of the Unleash Space if you wish to use the collaboration and working space.

To be able to access all of the exciting tools, technology, equipment, machinery and materials in the Create and Maker Space, you need to become a member. Once you become a member you are free to use the Create and Maker Space to play, test and develop your ideas. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Some of the technology requires specific training. Learn more about our training sessions and how to register for them.

Membership is a three-step process

  1. Take the membership quiz
  • The quiz tests you on the safety rules and our Code of Conduct (see below), which you should read before taking!
  • You must get 13/15 points on the quiz to pass
  • You can take the quiz multiple times, and if you do not pass the first time, you can click on “Feedback”
  1. Attend an Unleash Space orientation
  • Register for a session here
  • Show up on time for the orientation, which lasts 45 minutes, and introduces you to the resources we have and how you and your friends can be safe in the space
  1. Join the membership wall
  • Have your polaroid photo taken, put it on the membership wall and receive your membership badge
Unleash Space Membership Wall

Code of Conduct


The Unleash Space is guided by a Code of Conduct and a robust culture of health and safety. These are in place to give you the freedom to be creative and experiment while ensuring everyone is respected, feels welcomed and is safe.

Guiding Principles

  1. Do no harm
    1. Engender a culture of safe best practices
    2. Don’t be a phallus
    3. Be kind, we don’t tolerate bullying
    4. Respect different perspectives
  1. Work safe and sensibly
    1. Smash the idea not the gear
    2. Breaking things is not a cardinal sin
    3. Look after yourself, others and the equipment
    4. Invite people to learn and learn from others
  1. In Unleash Space the students are the drivers and the creators
    1. Explore fields you haven’t before
    2. Invite people to learn and learn from others
    3. Share your passion in the Space, in the University and in the greater community
    4. Support, encourage and test one another
    5. Advance the purpose of Unleash Space
  1. Community is our core – co-work, collaborate and share knowledge
    1. Be open to working with others
    2. Support, encourage and test one another
    3. Share materials and offcuts, order together, and share knowledge
    4. Make unique solutions
  1. Respect the opportunity
    1. Take ownership of your work and making this a home
    2. Don’t be greedy; waste not, want not
    3. Labels should be left at the door; we are all equal in the space
  1. Don’t be afraid of failure
    1. Embrace a positive-failure attitude
    2. Invite curiosity, inspire wonder
    3. Be open about failure, everyone can learn from experimentation

Expected behaviour

  1. Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech
  1. Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions. Knowledge sharing and inquisitiveness is fundamental to Unleash Space
  1. Encourage and not dismiss the maker and creative spirit in all users regardless of expertise and level of entry

Fire safety

  1. If you discover a fire
    1. Raise the alarm by warning people in the vicinity and activating a manual fire alarm
    2. Immediately report to supervisor/staff member in charge
    3. Floor Fire Warden will attempt to extinguish fire if safe to do so, summon Fire Service and commence evacuation of people to the nearest fire exits
  1. In an evacuation
    1. On hearing a fire alarm immediately stop what you are doing and evacuate
    2. Follow the instructions of the Floor Fire Warden identified by a Red Vest at the Muster Point
    3. Do not run and comply with requests from Floor Fire Warden
    4. Assemble at the Entrance of Building 402, 20 Symonds St or the alternative assembly area on the Grass Verge on the corner of Grafton and Symonds

Health and safety

Emergency response

  1. In the event of a serious accident and someone is hurt
    1. Assess the situation. Stop, Think, Act. The first priority in an emergency is the safety of all people present
    2. Do not relocate the person unless safe to do so
    3. Call 111 for fire/police/ambulance (1-111 from a University Landline)
    4. Notify staff (Staff members are first aiders). Provide emergency assistance if you are trained in first aid until the ambulance arrives
    5. Do your best to provide assistance to the first aider while the emergency response team arrives
  1. Report any accidents (including ill-health), incidents (including near misses), non-conformities and damage to the building or equipment to the nearest staff member as soon as possible. This encourages a culture of Health and Safety transparency


  1. Follow all University of Auckland Health and Safety policies and procedures
  1. Unleash Space users must follow the instructions of staff and space
  1. Do not do anything that is unsafe and take reasonable care of yourself and others. If there is any uncertainty that an activity might not be safe consult with an Unleash Space staff member
  1. If you observe potentially unsafe behaviour from another Unleash Space user, tell them. If it persists, inform staff

Create and Maker Space specific health and safety

  1. The Unleash Space Create and Maker Space is access controlled
    1. No food or drink in the Create and Maker Space
    2. The use of hand tools is restricted to those who have completed the online quiz and orientation
    3. The use of the 3D printers, 3D scanner, CNC router, laser cutter, Electronics Station, vinyl cutter and sewing machine is restricted to those who have completed the online quiz, orientation and respective machine-specific training
    4. The laser cutter and CNC router is not to be used without supervision of Unleash Space staff
    5. Student staff will conduct training for other students. This does not authorise inducted students to give access to non-inducted users.
    6. Users who have completed orientation must wear their ID badges
    7. Access in and out of the Create and Maker Space must not be impeded
    8. For Workshops all participants must have completed orientation and the relevant machine specific training if required
  1. Unleash Space users must observe and practice the Safe Work Instructions (SWI) for their respective equipment and power tools. SWI are there for the safety of the user and the equipment
  1. It is mandatory that closed-toe shoes must be worn within the Create and Maker Space
  1. It is mandatory that long hair, jewellery and lanyards must be secured
  1. No headphones to be worn during project activity
  1. No climbing up on workbenches
  1. Safety glasses must be used in accordance of any SWI and when
    1. Cutting or sawing
    2. Hammering or chiselling
    3. Compressing or storing potential energy
    4. Using power tools of any kind
    5. Within 2m of anyone performing the above
  1. Only use equipment and tools that you are qualified to operate. If any doubt remains about the operation of any tools or equipment request the assistance of an Unleash Space staff member
  1. Use Personal Protective Equipment as and when required
  1. Leave workspaces clean and safe for others. This includes
    1. Projects should accommodate the presence of others and not be left out if not being actively worked on
    2. Return tools to their designated storage area when finished
    3. Brush, sweep and vacuum work areas as required when finished
  1. All students have a right not to proceed with any activity if they feel it poses a danger to their health and safety or that of others
  1. Tools and equipment with the Unleash Space Create and Maker Space must only be used within the space and not removed
  1. Immediately report any unsafe work condition or equipment to the workshop supervisor/staff member in charge
  1. Ask for help feedback and help with your projects from students, student staff and senior staff
  1. If wishing to undertake a project with potential hazards within the Create and Maker Space
    1. Follow the requirements of the existing risk assessment and arrangements set out locally
    2. If a risk assessment for the activity does not exist then notify Sean Kelly (Senior Technician) so a risk assessment can be developed and hazards controlled
    3. Before any tools or equipment are brought into the Create and Maker Space they must be discussed with Sean Kelly (Senior Technician) and Safety Data Sheets must be provided