Unleash Space

Your new innovation hub and create space on campus. A place for all students and staff from all faculties and stages to imagine, create for today and prototype for tomorrow.

It’s your space to come and ideate, create, make, be inspired, work with your team, meet others, attend workshops and receive help and support to turn your ideas into a reality.

Open and free for all University of Auckland students or staff members Monday to Friday 10am–6pm. You can come in anytime during opening hours and use the space to hold meetings, ideate and brainstorm, work on your venture or any other activity associated with creating, making, innovating and venturing.

The Unleash Space is made up of a:

  • Create and Maker Space: our maker space where you can design, play or prototype
  • Collide Space: a flexible work space where you can work on your ideas and projects, meet with your team, brainstorm or sit and think
  • Inspire Space: where we will hold events, workshops and seminars to inspire and motivate you as well as provide key insights and lessons
  • Two bookable meeting rooms
  • Charge stations where you can stand and work while you charge your devices
  • Whiteboards for you to use for your brainstorming sessions or to act as a bit of privacy if needed
  • AV equipment on wheels to be moved around as needed
  • A mini kitchen for your tea, coffee and other refreshments

Create and Maker Space

With state of the art equipment and technology, the Create and Maker Space is for you to come in and play, experiment, create, make and prototype.

The space includes:

  • Laser cutter
  • Mobile photo studio
  • Electronics
  • 3D scanner
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Sewing machine and overlocker
  • Vacuum former
  • 3D printer
  • Hand tools
  • CNC router

With everything set out in 5 stations:

  1. Computer station
  2. Digital fabrication
  3. Electronics station
  4. Design, Arts and Crafts station
  5. Workbenches and cleaning station
UnleashSpace workstations