Technology Trends Speaker Series – Augmented and Virtual Reality

On 2 May, Unleash Space hosted the second of its Technology Trends Speaker Series, focussing on Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR). This was a night of inspiration and insight into the world of tech, where a panel of speakers explored the field of AR and VR, driven by audience interaction.

Our panelists were Amie Wolken from StaplesVR, Geoff Zink from Invoke AR and Jonathan Bishop from AR/VR Garage. Amie is a self-taught AR/VR developer, Geoff is a Velocity 100K Challenge alumni, and Jonathan got hooked on technology through a pop-up book when he was a child. With such diverse backgrounds it is true, according to one of our panelists, that “everyone is a start-up in disguise”.

The audience was very enthusiastic to learn about AR and VR, asking our panelists insightful questions on the subject. Topics discussed included the current and future applications of AR and VR, the public’s stance on these game-changing technologies, and New Zealand’s strong position in the multi-billion dollar global AR/VR market. Great focus was placed on the huge potential of AR and VR, not only in the ways they can be used to improve our lives, but also the potential for startups and business ventures in this rapidly growing field. Our panelists also shared their own experiences of how they got into the field of AR and VR, as well as provided advice for anyone thinking of working with AR and VR.

Enthusiasm for augmented and virtual reality continued even after the event, with various groups of people networking over pizza and drinks, as well as discussing the future of the field with the panelists. People also had fun trying out our virtual reality headsets, which are available for hire from the Unleash Space for your own project or venture. Check out some highlights from the event below.

Our next Technology Trends event is Changing the World with Creativity and Innovation on Monday 21 May, 6-7pm. It is being run as part of TechWeek and we will have four inspiring panelists who are combining technology and entrepreneurship with creative thinking to tackle pressing societal issues such as disabilities and stereotypes.

Also, make sure to check out our 2nd community event of the year, Unleash Space Community Creation Showcase on 18 May and our 2nd Founder Series event with Jake Millar on 23 May.