Unleash Space Community Creations Showcase

Last Friday, our second community event of the year, Unleash Space Community Creations Showcase, proceeded with great success! Audience members from many different backgrounds and faculties came to Unleash Space to hear from our creative technologists and three entrepreneurs, where they shared their experiences and how they got to where they are today.

Ariel and Amelia, two of our creative technologists, introduced us to how one can use the Create and Maker Space, and shared their own experiences of working on projects there. Ariel focussed on the importance of personalising your project; while Amelia embodied the spirit of playing and making through her exploration of making LED poi.

Our next speakers, who are VentureLab Incubator participants, included Matt Bastion (2017 CEO of Velocity), co-founder and CEO of Hypebeat, Arash Tayebi (2015 Velocity CEO and $100K Challenge Finalist), CEO of Kara Education and Angad Nayyar, CEO and co-founder of Strutfit. Each speaker had a different story to tell about their journey from idea to startup, but they all shared the same passion and mindset towards accomplishing their goals. One of the key messages emphasised was how crucial a good team is to a project, as they underlie the project’s execution. Matt warned against simply waiting for an amazing idea, but rather, “a good idea is developed through constant iteration”. Advice on how to achieve that was shared by all speakers; this includes talking to people about your idea, making clear goals, and to persevere. These insights were very inspiring, particularly to anyone wishing to launch their own startup.

With inspiration on their minds, audience members then networked over food and drink, forming a vibrant environment full of discussion and meeting new people, where ideas were shared and different perspectives heard. This really reflected our speakers’ advice to “talk to as many people as possible”, showing the impact our speakers had that night. Projects made at the Create and Maker Space were also on display for viewing, allowing for more inspiration and ideas.

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