Unleash Your Stories – Johanna Lloyd

Inspiration to come up with ideas for projects can come from anywhere, and for Johanna Lloyd, a medical student at University of Auckland, that inspiration came straight from within our Create and Maker Space itself! This led her to making a Harry Potter themed Settlers of Catan board game, using equipment and materials in the Create and Maker Space at Unleash Space, which is available to all staff and students at the University of Auckland.

Johanna has always enjoyed handicrafts, but had never made anything machine-based before. So when she first heard about Unleash Space, she immediately signed up and began completing the trainings for all the machinery and equipment in the Create and Maker Space (after an orientation to gain access first). It was through these training sessions that ideas just popped into Johanna’s head of things she could make with the equipment at the space – cool things she’d love to own or make as a gift! One of these ideas was a board game, which Johanna thought would be a cool project to make that would utilise a multitude of technology and teach her a variety of skills.

This eventually developed into a Harry Potter themed Settlers of Catan board game, made as a gift for someone. Johanna used the laser cutter to make the board and pieces, the vinyl cutter to decorate the front cover of the box, the 3D printer for the dice, and vacuum former for the box insert. The whole process involved some trial and error, but eventually through Johanna’s efforts and some advice from the Creative Technologists, the board game turned out quite well as a finished product.

Working on this project was an enjoyable experience for Johanna, and she is planning to work on  more creative projects in the future here at the Create and Maker Space. Learning the skills to use this technology, as well as the mindset of designing and testing things out yourself, is something Johanna believes is important no matter what discipline you fall under, and are skills she can apply to in the medical field.

Looking for inspiration or want to use our Create and Maker Space for your own creative project? Learn how to gain access here, where you can then work on your projects, book equipment trainings to use our equipment, or chat to our Creative Technologists for help and inspiration on your projects. You can also find inspiration through our Facebook and Instagram, or read some of our other Unleash Your Stories articles.