Founder Stories – Jake Millar

It was a great pleasure to have Jake Millar, a prolific 22 year old entrepreneur, speak at our Founder Stories event on 23 May. For someone so young, Jake has already accomplished so much, including starting up and selling his own company Oompher to the government at age 18, interviewing over 350 of the world’s most successful people, raising over $1.2 million in capital, and co-founding Unfiltered, a platform that connects entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. But despite this success, the way Jake shared the story of his journey – conversational, humorous, self-reflective, and down-to-earth – made it feel very personal and relatable to the audience.

For every aspect of his life, Jake shared the lessons learnt from these events, and how he would go on to apply these lessons in future endeavours. The death of his father (and role model) as well as John Key’s response to a letter he sent him about the tragedy inspired Jake to be goal oriented and focus his energy into achieving those goals; this was reflected in Jake becoming the head boy of both his high school and his school house. Hearing how Jake overcame the struggles and ridicule received from choosing to create a startup over attending university on a $40,000 scholarship demonstrated the importance of not giving up and not being afraid to “go out and start something new”. Interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs for his startups, as well as being inspired from entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s autobiography and a mentorship with Mike Pero, taught Jake the importance of getting out there and talking to people, as well as the importance of making personal connections with others, sometimes lifelong.

It is this personal touch to Jake’s story of sharing the lessons learnt through his experiences which was the most inspiring. Jake demonstrated that no matter where you are in life, there is always opportunity to reflect upon yourself, set new goals and work towards aspirations you thought impossible previously.

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