Unleash Your Stories – Youth Butterflies

What if your shirt could tell stories? Share the experiences of a range of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences? Well that’s exactly what Yobithan Rajaratnam has done through his social enterprise Youth Butterflies, which recently had its first launch on 20 June, World Refugee Day.

Youth Butterflies aims to give young people a voice, in particular refugees and minority groups, to be able to share their stories through the medium of T-shirt design and augmented reality. Each T-shirt design reflects the story of someone’s life experiences, and through scanning a QR code on the T-shirt itself, their story is further expanded through interactive content in augmented reality.

The idea for Youth Butterflies comes from Yobi’s own experience as a refugee, as well as from youth workers sharing their stories during workshops at Mangere Refugee Resettlement Camp. Through this, Yobi saw the power storytelling has on people and wanted to find new innovative ways for people to share and connect with these impactful stories.

Using the facilities at Unleash Space has been very helpful for prototyping and development of Yobi’s T-shirts. The laser cutter in the Create and Maker Space allowed Yobi to cut frames in scale to help with mass production of these T-shirts. Yobi also found the Creative Technologists in the Create and Maker Space very helpful and friendly, offering him advice on his project, answering questions and introducing Yobi to more advanced tools that could be used in his project. Just by chatting to them, it helped Yobi’s idea evolve from an idea to a working product and business!

Check out Youth Butterflies and their T-shirt range here.

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