Unleash Space Birthday Party

10 August marks the date of Unleash Space’s first birthday, and what better time to celebrate! Not only by hosting a carnival-style party and movie night, but also to reflect on how Unleash Space came to be and how much has changed in this one year.

An arch of orange and white balloons served as an entryway to an Unleash Space festooned with decorations, carnival-style games, prizes, popcorn and candyfloss, music, and not to mention people! Throughout the day, all kinds of people came in and out of the space conversing, having fun and trying out everything, thus embodying the spirit of celebration and being a part of the lively atmosphere of our party. Many of the games, such as the horseshoe game and rod game, were home-made right here at Unleash Space, while others like the bridge-building competition and the spaghetti-marshmallow challenge made use of simple everyday items for participants to build some truly great creations. A VR station was also set up for people to try out, as well as a Makey Makey Robot Race, where the fastest time between two maker robots wins, which are controlled by tapping on playdough. Nevertheless, much fun was had at each station by both attendees and the student leads and creative technologists running the stations, with some determined individuals trying over and over again to beat their high scores.

The movie night continued the Unleash Space birthday celebration with the film Generation Startup in a warm, comforting environment of people, bean bags, pizza, popcorn and cupcakes in the Inspire Space. Inspirational indeed the film was, as it shared the experiences (high and low) of six young entrepreneurs in Detroit trying to kick their businesses off the ground.

As well as the day being a day for fun and people, it was also a time for reflection. During the day, a slideshow of Unleash photos throughout the past year brought back memories of great events and achievements, while the evening movie selection fit the the theme of Unleash Space as a whole very well and served as a reminder of the origin of Unleash Space. Yes, even though one of its goals is to help launch others’ startups, Unleash Space is a startup in itself! The concept of Unleash Space was conceived by students during Summer Lab, and with the help of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and generous donors, it developed into the space we know today. From there, thanks to the help of the student team (student leads and creative technologists) and the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Unleash Space has been able to make a great impact this past year through its events, programmes, maker space and by being a place of inspiration for people to collaborate and ideate.

To everyone who has been a part of Unleash Space – whether you’re an entrepreneur, a user of the maker space, an attendee of our events or part of the team running the space – you are what make up Unleash Space. Without such a vibrant and inspiring community, Unleash Space could not be where it is today. So on behalf of the Unleash Space team, thank you for being a part of the Unleasher community. From this past year to the years to come, may you all continue to UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL!