Meet the Team – Ping Huang

Unleash Space would never be the space it is today without the dedicated and hard-working Student Team that helps run it in partnership with staff from the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. That is why in this series, we would like to introduce some of the unique and amazing team that power Unleash Space. And who better to start with than Ping Huang, otherwise known as the “Mitochondria of Unleash Space”.

Ping is in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts and is the co-lead of the Community Team, one of the roles within the Student Leads Team. Through her kindness and warm, welcoming personality, she has been like a de-facto mother to much of the Unleash Space team, and cares very deeply for them. Her contributions to Unleash Space are very apparent, as she has been with Unleash Space since the very beginning (even before it was under construction) and has dedicated much of her time and effort into making Unleash Space a welcoming community to all.

We asked Ping a few questions about herself, which she answered below as such:

What are some interesting facts about you others may not know?

  • I am on-and-off learning Argentine tango right now
  • My first entry into “entrepreneurship”: When I was in primary school, I used to draw Pokemon drawings for 50 cents to buy cookies from the school cafeteria.
  • I did first year Latin courses at the same time as first year Philosophy courses in hopes of reading original Philosophical works which were written in Latin (I later found out it doesn’t work like that!)
  • My cactus plant died under my care in intermediate school.

How did you first get involved with Unleash Space?

It was the pre-Unleash era; Wendy organised student focus groups when she was gauging student opinion for the university’s innovation hub and makerspace, which she invited Summer Lab students to attend. At the time, our team at Summer Lab (Wynni, Thomas, Viren and I) were developing an idea that centred on complementing what the university already provides to future-proof students. Our roads met and we joined onboard after Summer Lab. And the rest is history…

What inspired you to join the student team?

There wasn’t a thought that I would stop after Summer Lab; it wasn’t so much why as why not. I believed, and I still believe, that everyone has potential to be unleashed, and at that time – even though Unleash wasn’t a concrete concept yet! – it sounded like an exciting journey to be a part of. I’m extremely happy that my predictions came true.

What has your experience been like working for Unleash Space? What have you learnt so far from this experience?

A wild ride. I’ve learnt too much to condense them into words; so to sum up, it is that I’ve learnt to “unleash my potential”. Jokes, jokes. I’ve learnt about:

  • Juggling time schedules of the team when scheduling for week-long events
  • Working with different personalities on projects I had never done before
  • Pushing myself out there and engaging with people, which can be very scary and somewhat draining for an introvert like myself
  • Managing personal life, university commitments and Unleash Space
  • Getting things done (I’m still a procrastinator but now less of one!)
  • The importance of to-do lists – I worship to-do lists/Google Sheets/the Slack checklist function

Have you used Unleash Space for any projects of your own (Create and Maker Space and/or Innovation Hub)?

Yep. Made a laser cut, acrylic treasure chest for my brother’s birthday.

What would an ideal Unleash Space look like to you?

A place where everybody is unleashing their potential with confidence, with others.

Any funny stories from Unleash Space or the Unleash Space Team?

Once a guy at our stall asked whether we were a parking lot because we “unleashed space”…

What makes you the “Mitochondria of Unleash Space”?

Other people in this cell we call Unleash Space make me so.

What do you plan to do in the future?

I’ll be stepping back from Unleash Space next year. I will still be popping up to nag people about eating though, and to get all the equipment trainings done (gotta collect them all); I’ll keep unleashing my potential.

In 20 words or less, describe what innovation and/or entrepreneurship means to you.

Keeping my mind open to potential (ha!) possibilities to improve myself as well as solutions to problems

Anything else you’d like to add?

Shout out to the Unleash Hype Squad – y’all know who you are 😉


Testimonials from the Unleash Space Team

‘Ping was the first person I got to know properly in the Unleash Space Team; she is an amazing and wonderful person to be around. I remember thinking that if everyone was like this in the team then this year was gonna be a blast, and you bet it sure has been. As time progressed I gradually got to know more people, but Ping has always been someone that I have been very close with. And as I knew more about her while working very closely with her, I learned that she is a very special and unique person for Unleash Space and its team, whether it was through taking care of us all, nagging us about eating food, making us laugh with humorous, witty puns or planning various ramen outings, there was always something very enchanting about her that brought the Unleash Family closer together. There is a reason we call her the “Mitochondria” of the Unleash Family, since she is the powerhouse which fuels and encourages our spirits to continue to Unleash our Potential until we touch the stars. Thanks for always being around for us Ping, you’re the best and we love ya.’

– Dweep Kapadia, Community Team Co-lead 2018

‘Ping is a very special member of our Unleashers family. She always puts in so much passion and dedication in her work and is always caring about the well-being of our team. She is usually the first person to ask me, “Have you had lunch?“, which is something I’ve sometimes forgotten during the very busy times so thank you. Ping, I thank you for all the effort and love you have put into this close-knit team (basically family) from the very beginning and the huge support you’ve been to us all. We will miss you and we love you!’

– Nina Kim, CEO 2018

‘I remember walking into Unleash Space only having seen photos and reading a few things online, wondering what I was getting myself into as I went in for my interview to join the 2017 student team. Then this girl called Ping came up to me and we chatted briefly about Unleash Space; instantly my nerves died down and I felt much calmer heading into my interview. Ever since that first encounter (even though Ping might not have remembered that haha), I always saw Ping as the human embodiment of Unleash Space. Now, having worked with her for a year, I’ve learnt that she is beyond that; Ping is a metaphorical mum, doting older sister, ramen enthusiast, incredibly dedicated, graceful and genuinely caring friend. I have learnt so much from her. Our Unleash Space student team will not be the same without her presence, but the work she has done to build Unleash Space into the community that it is today will undoubtedly leave a warm legacy. Ping reminds me that our community at Unleash Space isn’t warm just because it’s orange. Instead, it’s people like her who make our community a family of warmth that makes me always want to come back.’

– Mariel Landingin, Marketing Team Co-lead 2018

‘“The Mitochondria of Unleash Space” is such a fitting way to describe Ping because in so many ways, her presence gives us all the strength and energy to keep unleashing our potential. Her warm personality, care for our wellbeing, and positive attitude make me feel so welcome at Unleash Space (also those wonderful ramen outings!), and it is this kindness which is so important not only to the Unleasher Community but for all of life. I am so thankful to have met you Ping and to have had all these great experiences with you this past year. May you continue to UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL no matter what you do, just like you helped unleash mine and certainly many others’ potentials.’

– Lisa Zhang, Marketing Team 2018 (Writer)