Unleash Your Stories – Kevin Liu

This week, Unleash Space is featuring Kevin Liu, who has created a Macro Keyboard using materials and equipment available in the Unleash Space Create and Maker Space.

Kevin first thought of the idea while playing RuneScape in his spare time, as he loves the feeling of accomplishment but resents the struggle of mundane tasks that come before. He decided that creating something to automate his activities which would make his life a lot easier. The Macro Keyboard is a device that can act out a series of pre-scripted or programmed actions with just a push of a button. In his initial prototype, Kevin has included 9 buttons which can run 9 different scripts that has an unlimited size, stored on a micro-SD card. This allows the programmed scripts to be incredibly complex, with the option of expansion in SD cards with a large storage size.

In the Create and Maker Space at Unleash Space, he was able to prototype and test out his creation. The variety of equipment and spare components available for use was what drew him to work on his project here, as well as the helpfulness of our creative technicians. This was especially handy when he ran into numerous hardware limitations and roadblocks, as the wide variety of free electrical components enabled him to keep working on his project without having to wait quite some time had he ordered the parts himself.

With the help of the spare components and equipment available in the Unleash Space, the project is now at its final stage of completion. The initial requirements that he had set out for the project have been achieved, along with some bonus features which were implemented during the creation process. However, this doesn’t mean modifications on the project ends here; he already has numerous other ideas on improvements and corrections that he can add to his creation in the future!

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