Technology Trends – Future of Food

On 22 August, food was on the mind at Unleash Space, with a Technology Trends Speaker Series dedicated to the Future of Food. A panel of three speakers came to share their ventures into food and how the way we eat could change in the future, as well as answer burning questions from the audience.

Our panellists were Graedon Parker, the Creative Director of Organic Mechanic; Shama Sukul Lee, founder of SunFed Meats; and Sara from No Ugly. Organic Mechanic started out at the Parnell French Markets in 2013 selling homemade smoothies and has now grown as a business and  social movement selling kombucha as well. Shama started SunFed Meats to find a way to make good meat alternatives without as much impact on the environment; her “chicken-free chicken” has exploded in popularity since launch, having sold out on its first day and been taste-tested live on air. No Ugly is a scientifically formulated wellness tonic that “gets you back to gorgeous”, for any kind of refreshment.

Regardless of the company or the food products they produce, all our panellists shared the same passion for making good food while creating a positive impact on others, and this passion emanated throughout the room as they shared their experiences and perspectives that night.

All-in all it was a great night, and certainly left “food for thought” in our audience.

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