Tech Blog – Kara Technologies

This week’s spotlight is on Kara Technologies; an online educational platform that hopes to provide deaf children with educational material via sign language. They were the 2017 winner of the Social Enterprise category of the annual Velocity 100k challenge, as well as the 2018 Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant Recipients. They hope to work with various educational institutions around New Zealand as well as online material providers, aiming to provide an equal learning opportunity for all students.

The team consists of Arash Tayebi, CEO; Sahar Izadi, COO; Farmehr Farbour, CTO; and they are the original founders of Kara Technologies.

Their technology has three important aspects: AI, Avatar, and Engine. They use state of the art AI and Neural Network algorithms that automatically drive the translation of the spoken language to sign language; a hyper-realistic human avatar (named Niki) that bridges the gap in communication currently in low-quality characters using the newest methods in graphic design; and an engine that brings software programs to life.

They hope to release their first product by early 2019.

They are currently working out of Unleash Space themselves, making use of all the resources and benefits that Unleash Space offers. You can have the opportunity to meet the team plus other amazing startups just like Kara Technologies by coming along to our Startup Celebration on the 12th of October! It’s free for everyone of all backgrounds to attend, whether you’re already involved in a startup, or completely new and would like to get some inspiration.

You can watch their short demo on interpreting sign language here: