Technology Trends – Sensors

Our Technology Trends Speaker Series for 2018 concluded with a focus on sensors, one of the Essential Eight technologies. Sarah Jennings, COO of StretchSense, came to talk at the event, where she delved into the technology of sensors, its great potential, and answered the many eager audience questions asked that night.

Sarah described StretchSense as a fast-growing start-up, where they focus on developing wearable sensors – creating their own line of sensor products or creating custom sensors for clients. This includes developing stretch sensors that can sense body movements, and incorporating sensors into wearable garments. StretchSense was born out of the University of Auckland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and has grown rapidly since then, having been placed on the Deloitte Fast 50 in 2017 as the “7th Fastest Growing Company”.

Sarah joined StretchSense with a degree in Biomedical Science and Computer Software from the University of Auckland. Despite the contrast in fields, she has been a part of StretchSense for five years – starting off as a computer scientist (which she states “lasted only two weeks” before quickly being asked into projects designing sensors), and expanding into in roles ranging from product manufacture to project management, R&D team management and now chief operating officer. Such deep involvement with StretchSense meant that Sarah had a lot to share about sensor technologies, as well as her experience working for a tech company that is currently at the forefront of its technology.

It was fascinating to hear about how the technology behind these sensors work, what kind of sensors StretchSense uses, and how sensors are being applied in the real world. By the end of the night, audience questions and discussions shifted from the technology of sensors to the entrepreneurial journey, as the audience was eager to hear Sarah’s experiences in entrepreneurship and working for StretchSense. In answering these questions, Sarah provided a lot of advice for anyone wanting to enter the world of entrepreneurship; and despite not knowing anything about developing sensor technology prior to joining StretchSense, the experiences Sarah shared of “learning by doing” t was pretty inspiring to hear.

As the event rounded off with pizza and drinks and networking, people continued their excitement and curiosity, and there were many discussions based on Sarah’s insights amongst the groups of people. All in all, it was an enjoyable event for everyone, and a perfect way to round off our Technology Trends Speaker Series for 2018.

Although Technology Trends Speaker Series has ended for 2018, Unleash Space is still busy with events happening before the end of this year – including Coffee and Cookie Tours, Startup School, and our finale event Startup Celebration. You can also look forward to more Technology Trends Speaker Series events to come next year. Just keep updated on our Facebook, Instagram and our website.