Unleash Your Stories – Alexandra Amaral

Alexandra is currently on an exchange programme in New Zealand, originally from Massachusetts, USA. She was always searching for ways to combine her love for music as well as physics to make something creative. She first started to become interested in creating circuitry after taking a course in electronics, which eventually became a hobby; this lead her to create her very own guitar pedal.

She decided to come to Unleash Space to kick start her project as it provided him with the equipment and components to create her first prototype and continue building. It gave her the opportunity to continue working and building on her guitar pedal project without having to personally purchase all the individual components, which would have taken a considerable amount of time to gather and assemble.

Alexandra also found that the equipment training sessions greatly benefited her and she was able to apply the skills that she had learned to her own project. Since the cases for her pedals were relatively expensive, and a fair portion of making it would involve a lot of drilling and careful attention to dimensions, using the laser cutter machine to make her own custom case proved extremely beneficial.

With the help of the Create and Maker Space at Unleash Space, Alexandra has now completed the circuit and the case, and is working on troubleshooting and iterating her design to make it fully functional. She plans to use the pedal for creating a distortion effect for a guitar or base whenever she is playing.

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