Back in Action: O’Week

After a long and busy summer, Unleash Space was back in action for O’Week! To promote the exciting year ahead, and make sure no students missed out, the week was packed with fun and inspirational activities.

Our O’Week stalls were an enormous success, handing out over 1,000 giveaways and hundreds of thirst-quenching juice boxes! Attendees loved testing their luck with Spin the Wheel and practicing their aim with Nerf Guns at the Sticker Shootout. We saw an incredible variety of students from Dance, Music, Arts, Commerce, Science and Engineering sign up at our stalls. Those who were eager to get involved with Unleash Space immediately had the opportunity to submit their most innovative ideas to our Creativity Competition.

On Thursday, we hosted a warm welcome for students who were curious about Unleash Space and wanted to learn more. The atmosphere was casual and friendly, supplemented with free coffee and muffins. Our student team explained which future events would be hosted in our Innovation Hub, and gave a small tour of the Create & Maker Space. Visitors also had the chance to experience virtual reality and stretch their creativity by playing with Lego.

On Friday, the Creative Technologists team hosted an upcycling workshop to demonstrate the possibilities of being creative with your old belongings. From sock puppets to plastic bottle animals, most designs were made by people who had never been inside the Create & Maker Space before! This showcased the incredible potential of our community here at the University of Auckland – staff and students alike.

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