International Women’s Day

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year and commemorates the movement for women’s rights. In support of this day, we organised three amazing events for students and staff to enjoy and to learn from.

To appreciate the strength and accomplishments made by women, we invited four seasoned female entrepreneurs to a panel discussion where they could share their experience and wisdom to a young audience eager to find their footing.

Amongst the panellists was Lauren Peate – founder of Ally Skills NZ and expert on corporate culture; which is to say she consults companies on the value of having powerfully inclusive and diverse teams to reach higher quality results.

Lauren kicked off the panel discussion by speaking about her rocky journey from Stanford graduate to working for companies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Lauren shared anecdotes of how women leaders in the tech industry can be unfairly subjected to discriminatory slang such as “bossy” when displaying the same behaviours that male colleagues in the same position would. She encouraged females to be themselves and show congruence in their actions by not second-guessing when faced with the difficulties of working with others.

The next speaker was Hiria Te Rangi, who shared her passion about educating families of damp air dangers in homes. As the founder of Whare Hauora, Hiria explained her motivation for developing the WhareSensor and broke down misconceptions within the tech industry. She believes that stereotypes should not define you and advises that women should not feel intimidated to get involved.

Amelia Diggle, founder of Human Interface Jewellery and subsequent speaker, also champions this belief.

“I’m big on just giving it a go” stated Amelia Diggle.

“In the tech industry, everyone is allowed a go and being a woman doesn’t change that. Take responsibility for yourself, because we want to blame, but there’s only so much you could do. Ask yourself, what can I control, and what am I able to do?”

The panel discussion concluded with co-founder of CoLiberate and loveable personality, Bop Murdoch. CoLiberate is the leading company in treating mental health issues to a professional standard. In her delivery, Bop mentioned how thinking about the “how” and the execution before the “why” was pivotal to her success.

In the evening, the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted a movie night with a screening of “Joy”, which follows the life of a fiery and passionate mother through her journey to success; showcasing the hardships and injustices she faced. The movie was played in the Decima Glenn Room in OGGB to a full screening.

Attendees were more than delighted to be offered delicious Kiwiana ice cream flavours from Miss Tubs, a start-up created by a team of female high school students; further embedding New Zealand as a environment for women in innovation.

Thank you to all the students, staff, and last but not least, the panellists for taking time out of their day to address International Women’s Day in the Unleash Space. Thanks to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for making the movie night possible and Miss Tubs for enhancing the experience with their delicious ice cream!

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