Camping with Unleashers

After an incredibly successful and hectic O’Week – the busiest week of the year the Unleash Space student team was rewarded with an exhilarating camp which took place near the coastal waters of Huia. However, not everything was rest and relaxation, as the team had intentions to discuss their ideas on what the core values of Unleash Space should be. What spurred from this camp was a deep appreciation of each other’s company, and the fond memories of working together.

The trip was very reminiscent of an experience on a high school bus; driving along the windy roads of Auckland filled with moments of chatter, banter, and sleep. Quickly after arrival, the team made haste to lay their bags in the cabins and leave with their swimwear to the coastline. A refreshing dip in the ocean was followed with one of my personal highlights of the camp: enjoying the home-cooked dinner curated by the team’s combined efforts in the kitchen. This was all planned with intention, as these moments prepared us for the raison d’etre of the camp.

A common occurrence is that the best conversations happen when you least expect them; so, we acted leisurely after dinner. As the evening settled, ideas began to spark as the team took their seats on the colour-washed couches. Finally, the team collaborated and decided which values would define Unleash Space. We realised that in order to discover Unleash Space’s identity, they had to search for its elements within themselves. Here are our answers:

Integrity: The policy of honesty and personal responsibility is of utmost importance within the student team.

Collaboration: Interacting with each other with effective communication and unrelenting support to produce higher quality results.

Versatility: We focus on staying relevant to current and future issues we face while tackling them with agility and impact.

Diversity: We are active in our attempts to engage and include students from different faculties and cultural backgrounds. We believe diversity to be a key driving force of progression.

Whanau: Our goal is to maintain an inspiring and loving culture at Unleash Space. We strive to create an atmosphere of safety and comfort.

Naturally, a productive session is rewarded with fun, so the team ventured outdoors in the cool and quiet ambience. The night sky was embellished with starlight, setting the stage for a thrilling game of Mafia.

Thank you to the staff at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Jared Goffe for making this amazing trip possible. Definitely an experience to look forward to in 2020!

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Featuring the Unleash Space 2019 Student Team:

Jared Goffe – CEO
Allister Benjamin – COO
Marie Landingham – Community Lead
Lisa Zhang – Community Events Co-ordinator
Frederick Ma – Community Meet-up Co-ordinator
Dianca Mitchells – Community Outreach
Ashley Cheng – Marketing Lead
Nicholas Kondal – Facebook Co-ordinator
Jack Southee – Instagram Co-ordinator
Marie Poff – Website Editor
Brian Kasmara – Newsroom Writer
Tuaha Mufti – Graphic Designer
Patricia Ramos – Graphic Designer
Lin Kee – Newsletter Writer & Content Creator