Meet the Team: Patricia Ramos

In this iteration of the Meet the Team series, we are introducing the eccentric and lovely Patricia Ramos, whose work is familiar to all in the Unleash Space. Patricia is one of two graphic designers on Unleash Space team and despite being new to the team, she has already left a large footprint! Patricia joined us amidst her Masters Degree in Fine Arts, so today we will be questioning her about her experiences, opinions and what inspired her to join the Unleash Space team.

What inspired you to join Unleash Space?

I had already heard about Unleash Space even before it was properly launched by Jacinda. I had never seen a Create & Maker Space before, so when I heard that there were free trainings and workshops where I could upskill myself, I was sold. I visited the space and fell in love with the idea of Unleash Space and what it represented, which is why I joined the team shortly afterward. You can even find me in one of the very first photos!

What’s the most fun you’ve had with Unleash Space?

Working on difficult projects with a lot of support from the team created such a fun atmosphere to work in. I felt rewarded with how much I enjoyed it, especially during O’Week and camp! It’s also a lot of fun visiting the Create & Maker Space and seeing students work on their ideas.

What value has Unleash Space brought to you?

Unleash Space gave me such a deeper appreciation of the hard work and creativity that goes through building your own idea. I’ve gained meaningful insight on the value of communication skills and how teammates should look out for one another. I also think that the inclusivity of Unleash Space is its greatest strength; the fact that anyone from any background can just come in and be a part of the creativity makes me really happy.

What other things interest you?

I’m a huge Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and Star Wars fan! Sometimes I draw fan art for the fun of it. When I was a little kid in the Philippines, I drew a lot of things, and I even pretended that I was a painter, creating my own easel and used a cardboard canvas. In kindergarten, I would make kites and boats all the time as well; they were my creative refuge.

Has your impression of what innovation and entrepreneurship is changed?

I have always been curious about innovation and entrepreneurship, but it all changed with when I joined the Ideate! Validate! programme by the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2016. Talking to others in Unleash Space keeps my curiosity and creativity for innovation and entrepreneurship growing.

Thank you for your answers Patricia, we look forward to seeing more of your creations!