Enter: Club Night

The 25th of March marks the beginning of the end of Club Night. Club Night will soon be revamped as an integral event of Unleash Space, aimed to synergise creative technology knowledge with professional business training. For this event, students were given the opportunity to gain access to the Create & Maker Space bolstered with inspiration from Anna Lim, from Microsoft, and corporate wisdom from Nick Read, an expert in Human Dynamics.

The dusking sun painted a very familiar orange in the sky as the Creative Technologists made their introduction. This evening, Commerce and Arts students occupied the Collide Space; and they were enthusiastic to hear that they would be equipping themselves with a plethora of skills by the end of the night. Matt, who is a lead Creative Technologist, briefly spoke about how Health & Safety is of primary importance in the Create & Maker Space. Subsequently, Matt displayed the amazing creations that were built in the Create & Maker Space, accelerating the momentum of excitement. The students were then free to choose to receive training from three different machines – the 3D printer, laser cutter or vinyl cutter.

Shortly after completing the training sessions, the students returned to the Collide Space. Anna Lim, Microsoft’s Student Accelerator Manager, demonstrated the realm of innovative possibilities through Microsoft’s efforts with their development of the Emma Watch. She did not hesitate to flare us with her passion and shared to the audience Satya Nadella’s (Microsoft’s current CEO) vision – to improve the lives of others with the power of technology.

The next speaker was Nick Read, and in his presentation, he started with a strong, sustained focus, and ended with a bang. Nick Read is an expert in the field of Human Dynamics, which drives the message of getting heard, particularly in the corporate industry. As Nick points out, corporate workers are bombarded with more emails than what they could possibly read in a day; so naturally, they filter.

“Therefore, how does a person ‘get heard’ through the weather of unconsidered emails?” Nick asks.

“Follow the Rule of 5 and keep it simple. Paragraphs no more than 5 sentences, slides with no more than 5 lines, and certainly pages with no more than 5 paragraphs.” he says.

However, Nick is quick to establish that although these practices should be respected as principles, the ultimate message should be about you – you as an individual, and you as the personal manifestation of all your unique experiences. In other words, the message and the messenger should be given an equal amount of care.

The final speaker was none other than our reinvigorating CEO, Jared Goffe, who addressed the audience with what Unleash Space truly means. Jared encouraged all the students to use Unleash Space and to recognise it as their home for innovation. The night concluded with what Commerce and Arts students do best: networking and socialising with pizza at hand.

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