Unleasher Meetup: Communicating

Unleasher Meetups are a fortnightly networking opportunity to find your innovation project soulmates! A new addition to the Unleash Space artillery, these Meetups serve to connect like-minded individuals and facilitate finding necessary talent for your projects. In addition, each event offers an in-depth exploration of key themes in entrepreneurship. This week’s theme is Communication, and who better than Toastmasters Auckland speakers Sameer Iyer and Hao Huang to shed light on what effective communication truly means. To everybody’s delight, Frederick Zhang has returned as the memorable host of Unleasher Meetups.

Before the event began, Unleashers raised the volume in the Inspire Space, networking and communicating with one another. Conversations settled when Allister Benjamin, the COO of Unleash Space, delivered the public address; informing students of the multiple gateways to innovation and entrepreneurship. Allister’s introduction was followed by a discussion on the theme of communication, with the audience being challenged of its traditional definition. There are multiple facets of communication, and as Allister describes, over half of it is non-verbal. To further exemplify the nature of communication, Unleashers formed circles to play a novel game of Charades, with emotion and expression as the main topics. After the games were over, the groups returned to their seats to listen to our guest speakers.

Sameer Iyer went a step further to emphasise the importance of body language. He makes an excellent case for hand gestures; that they are the definitive tools for sub-communication. Hands are our method of interacting with the world, and what we do with our hands represent what our minds are thinking of doing next. Naturally, Sameer advises that a little self-awareness of our impulses go a long way. Likewise, Hao Huang shared similar anecdotes, and spoke about how even the slightest of details, such as your centre of gravity and rate of breathing have a profound impact on how you communicate. What may seem ludicrous to many, is scientific evidence according to Hao.

Of course, each Unleasher Meetup is celebrated with delicious pizza and an opportunity to reflect on the theme. Networking and engagement carried on as the Unleash Space student team made their way to the crowd.

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