Unleash Your Stories: Bronte Page

Unleash Your Stories is a series of community stories with the intention of bringing light upon projects that have been developed in Unleash Space or the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Today’s story is about how a 4th year Law and Arts student, Bronte Page, conjured her own adaptation of the Settlers of Catan board game, inspired by elements from The Lord of The Rings novels.

Settlers of Catan is a board game where players are stuck on the island of Catan and assume the roles of settlers. To win the game, each player must aim to be the first to acquire a specific amount of settlements by farming resources and making strategic placements of roads and properties. As Bronte was finishing her equipment trainings in the Create & Maker Space, she opened a project guide for the Founders of Hogwarts board game, which was a similar rendition to the Settlers of Catan. Bronte saw potential in the game to take roots from other fictional worlds. Coincidentally, she was currently scouring through pages of The Lord of The Rings (LOTR). The opportunity crossed her mind and thus the Settlers of Middle Earth was born.

Bronte has made progress into creating set pieces and the hexagonal playing board, complete with runes and symbols. She also received help with creating an aesthetic storage box for the board game. The container has a black and void appearance, and closes with the edges like that of a jigsaw puzzle. The face of the box is inscribed with magical letters from the Ring itself, with one line saying “One Ring to Rule them All”; fitting for the theme of the game. Bronte stated that the final stage of the project was to print the playing cards. Additionally, she stated that having access to all the materials in the Create & Maker Space has been greatly helpful in making her project possible.

Bronte’s motivation to finish the project came from her father, who was also an avid reader of the LOTR books. She recalled how their Skype calls had a recurring theme of sharing her reading progress through the books. She also thanked the Creative Technologists for their assistance around helping her use the laser cutter. Bronte has said that after finishing the project, her plans are to send the project as a humble gift to her dad.

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