Re-Orientation Week 2019

Unleash Space returns in Semester 2 with a fresh variety of events and opportunities. The annual Birthday Party is approaching, with a theme that arcade lovers will appreciate. Two additional Tech Trends have been lined up at Unleash Space. The two topics are about the influence of wearable tech on the fashion industry, and the undying quest of utilising technology to maximise resource efficiency and sustainability. Event-goers can now be rewarded for their loyalty; new stamp cards were distributed throughout the week and are currently available upon request at Unleash Space. Keep reading to discover what occurred during Re-Orientation Week!

Despite the frosty bitterness that drifted through the week, Unleash Space stayed a lively and vibrant host. Meeting groups, project workers, and curious students accumulated in the space and intensified the excitement that surrounded it. Familiar and new students were greeted with coffee and muffins during their visit and stayed for the abundance of recreational activities that were available. Some of the best creations were made in the Lego building area; a few standout creations included a model car engine and fascinating architecture built by Lego head pieces. Visitors that came with their friends took an instant liking to the photo frame and their pictures can be found on Unleash Space’s Instagram!

From Wednesday onwards, the Unleash Space stall made its presence known outside the General Library. A revisited Sticker Shootout game collected excitement from passing students who were enthusiastic about winning game prizes. Amongst the assortment of giveaways were stress balls, pens, lanyards and notebooks. However, the most identifiable item was the new Unleash Space stamp card, which is used to keep track and reward students for their attendance and project work done in Unleash Space. Make sure to grab your stamp card as soon as possible and collect your first stamp in the next Unleasher Meetup!

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