Unleash Camp: Tree Adventures

To start off semester 2, our Unleash Space student team went on a bonding trip to Tree Adventures.
We were joined by our sister team, Velocity.

The teams met at the city campus and everyone managed to fit in three cars and one rental van. It
was a long car ride with more than one stop to collect snacks. We must thank Sarah, who drove the
van, for her patience!

After arriving at Tree Adventures, everyone was fitted with a harness and helmet, followed by a
safety briefing by the park staff, who ensured we knew how to use the equipment and stay safe
during our time at the park. Everybody, then, had a go at a practice course. This was a very miniature
course compared to courses 7-10 which stand up to 14 meters from the ground! However, even this small
course was enough to give some of our Unleashers a thrill.

Finally, we were unleashed on the park, free to do whichever course we desired. With difficulty
levels ranging from beginner to expert, everyone made their own judgement as to where they
should start with. Some started off easy, with course 3 to 4, some went medium with course 6 to 7.
The most confident went straight for courses 9 and 10. We only had 2.5 hours in the course
according to the park rules, and they knew they had to make these hours count.

As everyone started their own course, fear set in for some, while adrenaline set in for others. Either
way, Unleashers quickly started to feel the heat. Luckily for our team, the weather was perfect for
such activity. It wasn’t too sunny nor rainy. If anything, it was a bit chilly which would come in handy
the farther Unleashers went along the courses.

Some courses involved crawling through a hollow log, others swinging from platform to platform,
course 7 even had a section where you hopped onto a giant skateboard to get to the next tree.
Certain sections did have easier parts, however, giving our Unleashers a short break and others had
flying fox which was one of the best sections to have as it was both easy and exhilarating.
After completing either 2 or 3 courses, our Unleashers started to make their way back to the shed
where they were first harnessed. After regrouping, the discussion on the true difficulty of the
courses started. Our team was surprised at the difficulty and height of the course. The consensus
came to be that it was course 9, not course 10 as one might expect, was the real challenge. While
other courses may have had difficult sections within their course, 9 was the most challenging all

Before heading back to the university, our exhausted team shared some snacks in the van. With that,
our trip ended. Our team was both happy after the day’s adventure and exhausted from all the leg
and arm work they had to do. They worked muscles most people don’t even know they have.
It was a great way to kick off semester 2 and get the team morale up for future events. Please do not
hesitate to have a chat to our team about your ideas, projects, questions you might have, or just
about your day!