Birthday Party 2019

Last Friday, we celebrated our second birthday! A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Unleash Space and took an interest in the stations our team worked hard to prepare. We could not have asked for a better turnout. It was a wonderful way for university students and staff to come together to celebrate the space in the form of retro games, fun activities, delicious snacks and prizes.

Our Birthday Party was a success thanks to all the wonderful attendees! All the activities and games at the different stations – that is everything, except for the mouth-watering cupcakes and carnival-style snacks – were made at Unleash Space. The controller for the Makey Makey game was an electric board made by our Create & Maker Space staff (workshops on how to make use of these are run in the space!). Both the horseshoe throwing and steady-hand games were made using the materials at the space. The VR and Create & Maker stations were both run and belonged to our Create & Maker staff.

Unleash Space has now been open for two whole years. Despite its infancy, the space has grown tremendously, supporting university students and staff alike in a journey to unleash their potential. Events such as Start-up Studio and Start-up School allow those with business ideas turn them into reality, while other events like Unleasher Meet-Ups and the Technology Trends Speaker Series can inspire anyone to become an Unleasher. The Create & Maker space also helps students and staff develop their ideas, as rough as they may be, and help them complete their business or personal projects. The Unleash Space is a place for creativity and innovation! Not a strictly a business one.

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