Unleash Your Stories: Darius Osing 2

This rendition of Unleash Your Stories tells the story behind Darius Osing’s innovative wireless charger. The first-year Engineering student has returned and completed his second project in the Create & Maker Space in just under a few months. Darius Osing shares that his idea of combining a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger did not stem from a straightforward path.

Darius’ initial plans were to create a minimalistic device – a clock combined with a wireless charger. But, seeing old Vinyl players and portable radio speakers from the Braun Company inspired Darius to pursue something with more functionality. As such, the addition of the Bluetooth speaker came to be. Paying homage to Dieter Ram’s 10 design principles, Darius influenced the aesthetic of his project to stay true to its inspirations. Another important contributor to this project was the CNC router, which Darius had little experience in using. Fortunately, Darius has received immense support from the Creative Technicians at the Create & Maker Space. From encountering problems such as overloading the drill (the CNC router’s main component), he has since become one of Unleash Space’s most proficient users.

The project is in its final stages. The prototype is capable of usage, and Darius invites students to partake in charging their phones or to play music on his device on request. Looking back on the design, Darius explains how a fun learning project can transform into a dialogue that counters the current “throw-away” mentality of society. Darius challenges the so-called “contemporary look”, where trendy electronic products are designed only to be aesthetically relevant in the present. He believes the right approach is to create more products that are “timeless in design”. An example would be the MacBook Air which created a decade long legacy in its design; which it too was influenced by Dieter Ram’s 10 design principles.

“If we can strive to make our products, especially in the electronics market, to still become relevant in not even a decade but 5-7 years instead of 2-3 years it can drastically make our products more sustainable and efficient.” – Darius Osing

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