Unleash Your Stories: Monica Hill

This week features a visually stunning bobbin-thread case for all crafters to covet. The crafter’s toolbox belongs to Monica Hill, who is an Online Resources Designer with Te Tumu Herenga (otherwise known as Libraries and Learning Services). In her spare time, Monica resorts to creating various crafts, whilst also keeping up her proficiency as a bookbinder. From her vast experience as a crafter, Monica has gathered a collection of delights and annoyances – one of which set the foundation for her latest project. 

Her inspiration came from the frustration of fishing for the right thread in a sea of jumbled skeins (the long balls of yarn found in drawers). Tired of stuffed drawers and finding double-ups, she took to the Create & Maker Space to create a container that would store all her threads in a manner that would no longer cause her headaches. She temporarily found a solution with cardboard bobbins, so that her threads did not have to be left as skeins. However, consistent reuse of the bobbins proved that they would dull and wear out. Subsequently, Monica replaced the cardboard bobbins with much sturdier wooden bobbins. 

Although she accomplished her primary objective with the wooden bobbins, Monica felt motivated to organise and display them in a prettier fashion. That’s when the exterior case was developed. She used wood for the base and sides of the box, finishing with an acrylic cover on the top so that the contents are visible. Stackable and easily reproduced, Monica will never run out of space for her threads again. Thanks to her design, it only takes a moment for Monica to colour-match the threads she needs for her book covers.

After sharing an image of her completed bobbin case to a needlecraft group, Monica received an overwhelmingly positive response. The post garnered over 200+ likes and many enquiries for sale, which prompted her to make future commercial plans. As part of this process, Monica expects to experiment with the materials of her design. An idea she has in mind is changing the wooden box to one with bamboo ply. Additionally, Monica has identified that her wooden bobbins can be replaced with more efficient bobbin-winders. These adjustments would allow for winding that is faster than normal hand-winding, making it more accessible for people with arthritis. 

Monica thanks Unleash Space for enabling her access to laser cutter equipment and the Creative Technicians that helped her learn the tips and tricks of using it. She states that her confidence in using the laser cutter has developed immensely.

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