T-Shirt Printing Workshop

Workshops are regularly run at Unleash Space, in the Create and Maker Space, to inspire Unleashers.  Check out our calendar for opening times and a snapshot of what’s happening each week at Unleash Space.

Last week, the Creative Technologists (CTs) at the Create and Maker Space ran a t-shirt printing workshop using the space’s vinyl cutter. Unleashers brought t-shirts and were shown how to transfer designs onto their t-shirts by running ‘iron-on vinyl’ through the vinyl cutter. While the facilities at Unleash Space allow for users to make their own designs, the majority of those at the workshop simply used images found on google to keep things moving.

Simple designs are recommended for ease of removal (weeding) from the rest of the vinyl after it is cut by the machine. However, that didn’t stop some from choosing very intricate designs, and successfully freeing them from the rest of the material. A simple image used was a Doraemon drawing, while more intricate ones included a tree and an Unleash Space design drawn by one of our team members prior to the workshop.

The Create and Maker Space is equipped with anything you could need to print your own design, including an iron press. The CTs are available to assist you in any stage of your project. The vinyl cutter can also be used to make durable vinyl stickers to stick onto your laptop, car or wherever you want. Design your own t-shirt at the space today! Find out more about using the Create and Maker Space here.