The Create and Maker Space has an HP Sprout Pro for your use

What is a 3D scanner?

A 3D scanner is a device for transferring a real-life 3D object into virtual 3D space. It uses light and cameras to interpret real-life geometry and create a 3D model that is true to life.

What can you do with it?

A 3D scanner is used when you wish to transfer a model from real life into a computer model. This could be useful when creating an object to enclose another object. An example of this is a phone case, where the user scans the phone in as a model, then creates the case using 3D modelling software to fit the phone.

How to get started…

You need to gain access to the Create and Maker Space, so if you haven’t already, gain access today! Once a member, complete our 3D scanner training session and then you’re all set to unleash your potential.

To help you create what you imagine, we’ve put together a user guide, an inspire guide and offer regular workshops (via what’s on). Plus we have trained creative technologists onsite to lend a hand.