Unleash Space is a vibrant, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub with a state-of-the-art Create and Maker Space, where anyone at The University of Auckland can unleash their potential

Our story

Unleash Space was officially opened by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern on 21 February 2018.

Founded as a partnership between the Business School and the Faculty of Engineering, Unleash Space is led by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in partnership with a student team, and was funded by generous donors.

Unleash Space is your space for creating, playing, making, inventing, experimenting, and doing. It’s where you can find and build your community. Together or individually, you can build things, come up with ideas and develop them, prototype, test and have fun doing so in a welcoming collaborative environment.

Unleash Space is designed for innovators, entrepreneurs, and makers to come and unleash their potential; it is open and free for anyone at The University of Auckland.

Kura Matahuna

Unleash Space’s given Maori name is Kura Matahuna.

Maori are a great lover of wisdom and philosophy and it is to these subjects that the term Kura applies (vade mecum: Hongi p153).

Kura in the old language means precious treasure, sacred wisdom and philosophy, divine law and natural phenomena.

Kura Tawhiti was an ancient sacred wisdom tree that grew at the center of the earth where all known and unknown knowledge was kept. The knowledge was accessed by tohunga through the Kura Wananga. The knowledge tree in the movie Avatar is a perfect image of the Kura Tawhiti.

Matahuna refers to the unseen face or the unknown source. The wind, for example, is a matahuna. It cant be seen but it can be detected by its impact on something (Tukāki Waititi: Ngati Hine or Whanau a Apanui).

So what we have here is the idea of a group challenging the unknown and the unseen and as yet undeveloped territory. It is like our ancestors who called upon many knowledge sources such as stars, animals, fish and bird migrations to develop a wayfinding system that enabled them to populate 6.5 million square miles of ocean without any instruments. They used a collective knowledge gathered from the Kura Tawhiti.

Kura Matahuna is the new journey into the future that is agile and challenges the status quo.

Founding Partners

Unleash Space was made possible due to the vision and generosity of our Founding Partners, who share our values of instilling an entrepreneurial ethos and skillset into the next generation of New Zealanders.

If you’re interested in supporting us, please email the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director, Wendy Kerr at w.kerr@auckland.ac.nz.

The team

Unleash Space is led by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in partnership with a student team. There is a student CEO and student leads who volunteer their time, as well as student Creative Technologists, who assist in the Create and Maker Space. We are currently on the look-out for more volunteers. You get flexible hours, a convenient location on City Campus, and tailored professional development opportunities. If you’re passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, love working with others to make epic events happen, and can communicate with a diverse crowd – we want to hear from you.

Connect with us

Please feel free to drop by and see us at Unleash Space, located on the corner of Grafton and Symonds Streets at City Campus. The entrance is via the Faculty of Engineering (building 402), 20 Symonds Street. Just go up the stairs (next to the Symonds Street underpass).

Follow and engage with us on: Facebook or Instagram (@unleashspace_)