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Free for University of Auckland students and staff, the Create and Maker Space at Unleash Space hosts a suite of technology to help you create what you can imagine.

Our student technologists run free create and make workshops and trainings, to teach you how to use the equipment, and guide you to turn your ideas into reality.

Find out why the University of Auckland has an innovation hub and Maker Space here.


Using the Create and Maker Space

To use the Create and Maker Space and access all the exciting tools, technology, and machinery, you need to gain access to the Create and Maker Space first.

Gaining access to the Create and Maker Space is easy:

  1.  Read the Code of Conduct
  2.  Take the online quiz - you require 13/15 to pass
  3.  Book a 45 minute Orientation session

Once you've attended orientation and done your preferred equipment training sessions you're free to start using the Create and Maker Space to unleash your potential and create what you imagine!



Equipment Training

Equipment training is provided by our student Creative Technologies regularly and is necessary to be able to use our machines.

Check out the What's on page for training options.


Create and Make Workshops

Create and Make Workshops are fun, entry-level, workshops designed to help you learn about the equipment we have in the Create and Maker Space, by doing a project.

Turn up, have a great time, and leave with new skills, a creation of your own making, and some new friends.

See what Create and Make Workshops are on here


Inspire and Resource Guides

Stuck for ideas on what to make? Need a bit of help with using a piece of equipment?

Our range of Inspire Guides provide a suite of projects that you can get stuck into, and guide you through all the steps to make your own creation.

Our Resource Guides are quick start-guides to help you navigate using a piece of equipment in the Create and Maker Space.

To find our Inspire and Resource Guides, click on the equipment you're most interested in below, and you'll find the Inspire Guides at the bottom of each page.


Create and Maker Space equipment and technology

Read more about the state-of-the-art equipment that are available for your use in the Create and Maker Space below.