Create and Maker Space

Gain access to the Create and Maker Space and use the free resources to create, play, make, invent and experiment 

Using the Create and Maker Space

To use the Create and Maker Space and access all the exciting tools, technology, and machinery, you need to gain access to the Create and Maker Space first.

Gaining access to the Create and Maker Space is easy:

  1.  Read the Code of Conduct
  2.  Take the online quiz - you require 13/15 to pass
  3.  Book a 45 minute Orientation session

Equipment training is provided and necessary. Check out the What's on page for training options.

Once you've attended orientation and done your preferred equipment training sessions you're free to start using the Create and Maker Space to unleash your potential and create what you imagine!

Read more about the state-of-the-art equipment that are available for your use in the Create and Maker Space below.

Cut out and engrave designs with acrylic, wood, MDF, leather, and cardboard

Take professional quality photos of prototypes and projects

Create small computing devices, robots, dedicated circuit boards, and more

Transfer a model from real life into a digital model

Cut shapes in adhesive vinyl to create decals and stickers

Make clothes, soft toys, bags, and cushions, or repurpose old items into new

Make moulds for art, silicone, or even chocolate

Prototype items like cases and boxes, puzzles and toys, phone and camera mounts

Create durable prototypes of models out of wood, foam, and MDF