Access Orientation

Access orientation is for those who have completed the sign-up quiz and are ready to finalise their Create and Maker Space access.

Gaining access to the Create and Maker Space is easy:

  1.  Read the Code of Conduct
  2.  Take the online quiz – you require 13/15 to pass
  3.  Book a 45 minute Orientation session

Once you’ve attended orientation you’re free to book your preferred equipment training sessions and start using the Create and Maker Space to unleash your potential and create what you imagine!

What is orientation?

Completing an orientation session is an essential part of gaining access to the Create and Maker Space.

It’s a 45 minute session, where you’re taken on a tour to familiarise with all the tools, machinery and equipment available to you, where important health & safety rules are reinforced, and where you’ll be introduced to the creative technologists, who are there to help you create what you imagine.

Once you’ve completed orientation, we’ll take a Polaroid picture of you to put on our membership wall and then you’ll officially gain access to everything that Unleash Space offers!