Vacuum former

The Create and Maker Space has a Formech compac mini desktop vacuum former for your use

What is a vacuum former?

A vacuum former is a machine for creating simple moulds. It uses heat to stretch a sheet of plastic over an object, then uses a vacuum to form the sheet around the full geometry.

What can you do with it?

Some practical applications of this machine could be making moulds for art, silicone, or food materials, like chocolate.

How to get started…

You need to gain access to the Create and Maker Space, so if you haven’t already, gain access today! Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to use the vacuum former during scheduled studio time – no training required. We also have a user guide, creative technologists on hand and regular workshops to help you create what you imagine!

To help you create what you imagine, we’ve put together a user guide, offer regular workshops (via what’s on) and have trained creative technologists onsite to lend a hand.